Agricultural tyre test MAXI TRACTION Firestone & Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR tyre


With Bridgestone agricultural tyres, farmers take the wheel of a Claas 840 equipped with a rowcrop at Innov Agri 2015. MAXI TRACTION FIRESTONE 42'' and VT-TRACTOR BRIDGESTONE agricultural tyre


Making your operation profitable is essential.

The tractor tire plays a fundamental role in this profitability in the short term by saving time, in the medium term by controlling maintenance costs and in the long term by guaranteeing productivity thanks to preserved soils, to learn more about the role of the tire in preserving your soils, on the correct adjustment of your equipment to really save money, download the white paper below for free:

Download eBook: Increase the profitability of your operation

This information is intended only to make you aware of the technical and functional aspects of agricultural tires and their use. It does not allow you to make a judgment or a definitive conclusion on a given problem. Only your agricultural tire expert is able to make a technical assessment and take a final decision, case by case.

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